“Banal Story”: A Hypermedia Critical Edition


"'Banal Story': A Hypermedia Critical Edition" features a reading of the overlooked -- and atypical -- Ernest Hemingway short story, a critical bibliography of relevant secondary sources, and a remixed "all text" edition of the story itself. An unauthorized, eclectic conflation of three editions of the story, the "Banal Story" all text is as much visual art as literary artifact.

More broadly, the project illustrates the radical possibilities hypermedia offers 21st century manuscript studies and material textual scholarship.

Citation: Melton, Quimby. 20 April 2014. "“Banal Story”: A Hypermedia Critical Edition." (accessed [PDT / -7:00]).

Updated: April 20, 2014 at 12:28 pm (PDT / -7:00)

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  • Banal Story hit me like a freight  train, mainly the part about men staring at the color lithographs of the bullfighter and losing the images in their memories of him. I had two shoe boxes full  of photos from my past. It took me two days to shred them all. The memories ARE better because they change with time and changes in my own mind. What days those were!