Depends are diapers for adults made of plastic with adhesive strips, you can hear them rustling under the old man's jeans, making his midsection look bulky--they come in boxes. Urine lies puddled wet warm and greasy on the oilsheet carrying the stink of penis or vagina it squirted from. Urethra bladder ureters and kidneys are all part of the same system, they connect with the bloodstream, the water makes the stomach wet. Lack of control is involuntary, the muscles are masses of spasms causing the penises to release water. While sleeping many automatic unconscious autonomic things happen, in the next room gleaming white fixtures drip. Dreaming into the urinals would be odd the tile floors hold their brightness tight, the silver clouds look slathered with goo. Embarrassment is the burden of the fool who in exasperation and while blushing steals the spotlight like a sap. In the checkout line, the cigarette butts grinding underfoot made a dirty filthy mess and the scarred metal sides of the narrow aisle from the carts going through were like the marks on the mind of a psycho from the thoughts going through. The doctors prescribing the medicine seldom gave out narcotics in their prescriptions, they were afraid of the white lab coats of the pharmacists and would rather prescribe the finest needles possible for any diabetic. Suits hung on racks made of pipe marked with chalk cut with scissors will be used, when finished, to give business presentations. Medication consists of pills and syrups and capsules and piss colored bottles with safety bottlecaps never to be opened by any cat.
Slam, pound, beat, stomp, smack, beat, bang, bat, hammer, anything oh anything please to get this mouse. The cash register keys ring the bell when the amount pops up and the drawer flies open showing its slots for coins and bills.
Hatred and rancor and disgust lead to queasiness, you puke and hurl, you swear you'll beat this thing no matter what. Conveyor belt made of rubber rolls, carrying trays of staples that the motor pulls along, the belt sagging in spots, and there are inexplicable wet spots in the belt. Neon lights use a ballast set in the fixture in the ceiling, the wires are full of electricity controlled by the electrician. Big dark windows in the nighttime are cold there are posters held up with tape and the windows have plastic tops. The automatic door is controlled by an electric eye it swings open and shut as you walk through to do your shopping. The milk will curdle and spoil, the cream will do the same, it's all pasteurized and homogenized after it squirts from the teats under the udder. Money, dollars of great worth in the wallet in the pocketbook she slaps at her side as many times as there are dollars and cents in the wallet in the pocketbook she slaps at her side. Change hands, struggle to break it to split it to divide it, once that dome you'll subtract and add infinity, subtract infinity from four equals infinity would be my guess. The man and woman walk jangling car keys in their hands they walk toward the black car she in high heels he in wingtips. The chrome trim on the countertop was dented and marred its just screwed steel around the edge, it's not rock. Paper towels were used to dust the shelf full of shadow, wipe the scanner, blurry in the darkness.

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