Rome, Jan 18th, 2018: solo exhibition of Maria Lai

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Wendy Wendy Oh God Wendy

Wendy Wendy Oh God Wendy                                   (387 words)     Jamed’s hand cut down severing the talk and it felt like and was observed to be the activation of one more of the ten thousand maniacally staged so unlike real life as multiple bad fictions talking saying in Jamed’s strained voice, ...

Unstoppably Superfast Gone

When I do something ultimately a cat gets on it. So, I have to give up and start something else. And, this is the day all the galley slaves are liberated all across the kingdom and the big beating drummer at the front of the ship is reassigned someplace else, ...

Ending the Nine Month Long Important as Hell Corporate Conference Call

What? sniped the earpiece, rash rough crushing thrusting at Jamed’s ear, saying, What? No? Why now what do you mean no hey what wait a minute Jeff cut the line yeah Jeff like I said cut the audio! Right! So Jeff obeyed generating shuffling plastic on metal clashing while electronically ...

lake labyl, a two-part work published by SOd press

A pdf chapbook of 71 images A sound-gif, 'the swimmers', comprising the series’ final 17 images, in which the movements of two swimmers, and the environments in which the swimmers move, are informed and accompanied (both retrospectively and prospectively) by Rachmaninov’s symphonic poem Die Toteninsel.