Out Of Back Into

—and so, we do recommend that every o, said the bigrig dash radio.

Driver “Horse”’s hitchhacker Flaxman hugged the cab door beginning to nod thinking—


—that he can’t nod no can’t he will not tell “Horse” to stop and—

—visit one of these—

It cannot be no.

That he does not tell driver “Horse” to stop the track-trailer because.

—when next—hssssssss—


Hssssssssssssssssssssssbecause he needed to but it’s


Driver “Horse”’s hitchhacker Flaxman stretched his lids gripped for his bag between his legs and told “Horse”:


Hey, there, pull over here. I’ll walk the rest of my way.

You sure?

Yah yes, I’m.

<static static sta


I’m sure. Here is good. My place is just a walk over that hill.

Okay. Take it easy.

Yah thanks for the lift.

<st no problem static static sta mistakenly thinking the innerdoor handylatch real but but, no issue. The door closed after discharging Driver “Horse”’s hitchhacker Flaxman leaving Horse alone-a singlyinstant, so:

The passenger seat became empty and:

Thus, low pressure—as out the cab teemed as usual with potential passenger seat occupants—and—thus high pressure. So; it’s now as it’s every time simply a matter of escape velocity, class. Feel free to look it up. Yes amen—the next available free occupant out the cab escaped instantly right into the outdoor—sucked in, in a sense, though that vernacular’s not quite accurate—also mistakenly thinking the outerdoor handylatch real but but but, no issue—into and onto the low pressure passenger seat not cooled a degree by the departure of Driver “Horse”’s hitchhacker Flaxman and the arrival of Driver “Horse”’s hitchhacker Kevin and again the cab became non-empty space and the universe became once more happy. All passenger seats abhor prolonged emptiness. Ah, truckworld do diddly indeedy abhor all empty passenger seats. So, Kevin having seamlessly poured into the mold of nothing seeded by Flaxman—began and began and took over actually, the careful listening into the cold dashboard radio provided, which was wakening again from its last periodic cross-country station n out of range release and station n+1 in range acquisition blip-staticky-storm cycle. It spoke plainly roundabout Kevin and “Horse” as they calmly worked to fathom the new context.

—hey you bullheads out there. WakeUp. Got to talk fast out this country at this hour ‘cause you all be zoomin’ through from someplace there to someplace else and are just. Fat and passing through. My, hippos—

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