Randombag: the Snatchdown

As nothing seemed to be meant for him there near-panicky Kevin tore his attention to a similar reapersquare in what must have been the other side of the big square space and along the low edge tooled by a Blue Pontiac WagonBoat blown down the road under the far field of reapers in the past distance out that side. Between it all, over past when everything’s everything always being everyplace a thickened second man beside himself formed sitting out that way gripping a tilted wheel before his breast and his face pointed directly at Kevin his face smiled quite graciously his face opened sending Kevin a sentence this sentence.

Eh, I did not get that. This rig is quite loud—please say that again?

—stand back and watch the ensuing struggle. They will little by little complicate all into total impossibility and that must not be allowed—


The—uck gagnoggy! Echoed from another face ‘cause. Nothing had mouthmoved—but—at that Kevin’s first fractional thought meant to say thank-something but snapped down no—no that would not do no thank you that would not do he reached for the seat belt whose law says buckle me or else pretending to not have heard because—there was no friendly way to answer that question. For example, if he said, I’m sorry, but also confused; I said nothing as I recall—he would be saying simultaneously that in his view, the speaker is somewise deficient deluded or worse, which might provoke a disquieting response that would not have to stop at being verbal, but. If he decided to improvise some casual answer, he ran the risk of being exposed as a liar if the speaker had heard some syllabic snatch or six of somewhere between like five four or lower—in there someplace at any rate eh—and the additional snatch he would provide did not dovetail neatly with the speaker’s small snatch, but—no. Kevin pressed his feet to a flat hard floor back in the dark under what seemed the control panel of the metallically wheeled box, which would have to serve as a kick in the ass to himself at his stupidity in not seeing that there can not be a speaker’s snatch because, in fact he had said nothing—he tipped his head to the radio feigning distraction to buy time to think—it saying, before our surf-watcher was spawned this view was the same sounded the same and onto and past that up to the nows rippling past impossibly rapidly any single watcher’s nip of existence, but. In the span of time surrounding each now we’ve been granted the ability to see more or less at once we after wave just see the same wave after each through an rolling seemingly endless allotment of nows passing by gone each crashing shrinking pushing half dissolving gone into the sand at the surf-watcher’s toetips eh half slip sliding seaward gone lost but in time to and roll and forward and and again, and. This is always now forever will be but; but. But the Kevin knowledge but pull Kevin away of this blinks but but right through we take Kevin back out watchers but but but but; and the radio radio dissolved ‘cause behind out the end—out popped Kevin down back to the other half of knowing before, that since he’d said nothing, the speaker is a liar.

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