****. ****, ****, that Sweet Corporate Butt

Janie took her fingertips out of her mouth, a big fat baby habit that would persist into her late thirties, as she finally taken into a private super-clean oh-so-corporate tiny two man huddle room to meet with her bright and shiny Boss, who was normally remote out of the Virginia office but who was up for meetings yes for meetings yes and arrived also wearing unexpectedly fashionable sunglasses and was visiting the office where Janie worked and got to see her office meeting behavior which was all nodding and softly humming to a tune in her head and doodling in big wide circles with a Sharpie onto the obligatory yellow legal pad brought by all well-suited clean amenable hirelings with one hand, while sucking softly on the jaggy-nailed fingertips of the other, this activity always setting her mood back to twelve years and getting on track and being calm about the future because a successful future was in the bag yes—but, the meeting today, the Virginia boss was running it, and Janie should have been on her best behavior but she was sure the boss was not really up from Virginia but had sent a surrogate to impersonate him, judging by the afore-mentioned huge European designer style dark glasses the faker put on, to be able to pass as the boss. Janie sucked and sucked and the words washed over and the twelve-year-old aura around her absorbed the words before she could hear them and even if she had been able to hear them they would have been stomped to atoms by the whippy thrashing tail in her head whipped up and around and because it was attached to the endless loud-as-shit music that played in her head all the time, so, she felt safe; safe to suck away at one hand and to doodle away with the other and to softly hum to herself as the words the meeting was generating all around her, which were even more in number and intensity because the blank faces around the high gloss conference table were all kissing the imposter they were being fooled into believing was the Virginia boss’s ass, while Janie stayed oblivious in her twelfth-year comfort bubble just drifting in the flow until the meeting was over, and at usual she began to race for the door when all the blank faces were bouncing and drifting up toward the Boss intending to physically kiss his ass, instead of the practice makes perfect virtual kissing they had been doing when politely rooted to the conference room chairs and it would not have been physically time yet anyway, to plant kisses on his big sweet ass, because, the meeting-in-progress was only foreplay to the act, and this particular Boss required considerable foreplay to be ready when the meeting was ended to turn, drop trou, and bend down to receive hot wet ass kiss after hot wet ass kiss and hot; so Janie just left as fast as she could to get away from the great big butt-bacchanal the meeting had morphed into by the blank ones who were fooled into believing that the sunglassed clone sent up from down was really the Boss who it would certainly have been worthwhile to plant hot kisses all over, but now they were acting quite stupid quite hypnotize and tingling with desire, all out of control and stupider by the minute, so Janie had to leave extra quick for fear of catching the stupid-virus from the clouds of ass-spores being sucked from the now red-hot throbbing ass of the surrogate as hot kiss after hot kiss was planted, and Janie was back-turned and half out the door unnoticed, but—You! Janie! Janie, don’t leave. I need to talk to you! It is quite important! And she turned; it was the surrogate, all beet-faced and sweating, and, incredibly, somehow he had been coached and schooled to have the exact same voice and tones and cracks and quivers folded around his words as the real Boss, but Janie was not fooled. But she had to pretend to be; appearances were everything in those blank chrome and glass superglitzy towers: the blank faces all turned to her taking this fast break from the butt warming session, to see if she would obey; so she turned around, sank into the nearest plush blue-seated, just one of billions of identical chairs across the planet, and sighed, Sure, no problem, boss. Take your time. I of course will wait.

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