Text In The Machine

Technology has touched visual poetry, that much is true. It has allowed the alphabet to liberate its visual material, letters, more readily.

signs of life of signs

Maybe (linear or nonlinear) "experimental writing" and "visual poetry" are simply first definitions of the vast living environment of works made by the worldwide community of people involved in asemic (and so pansemic) writing and in the making of abstract stuff. And: about the words "writing" and "abstract" —maybe they’re ...

Michael Jacobson is interviewed at 24 Hours Online The interview was conducted by Josh Medsker and the topic is asemic writing.

New Lesescenario: Aziz Ansari’s #GhostPlane

Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) recently used Twitter to post a new Lesescenario hashtag-titled #GhostPlane.