Original Scripted Narratives

  • from Vital Fluid

    Vital Fluid brings Philip the Deacon into the twenty-first century where he battles his transmigrationally-entangled nemesis Simon Magus in a series of increasingly bizarre performances across the United States.

  • from Mothers

    Presented in three ostensibly autonomous parts, Mothers challenges the lines that separate narrative fiction and documentary reportage. The script is illustrated with a series of production stills from the 2010 film.

  • 1001 Film Scenarios: Selections from a Proposed Chapbook

    chapbook: "a small book or pamphlet of popular tales, ballads, etc., formerly hawked about by chapmen; a small book or pamphlet, often of poetry."

  • from Out of the Box

    Out of the Box braids together the stories of five black, HIV-positive women as they battle a range of emotions under the leadership of a support group leader.

  • from Drinking Chocolate

    Set on the cold, gray streets of London, Drinking Chocolate follows the lives of two homeless, lost souls named Lola and Johnny.