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    "Considero la escritura como registro de las potencias de los cuerpos, genitoras de posibles contra los modos seriados de producción de subjetividad que se inscriben sobre ellos y los despotizan." ("I consider writing to be a registry of the power of bodies, generators of potential liberation against the production of serial subjectivity and despotism that fall upon and envelop them.")

  • Satu Kaikkonen
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    "Asemic texts, as it were, serve as a projection of humanity's desire to reconnect with the mythological root of all languages and, by extension, one another."

  • Language Is Hell
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    "To me, asemic writing facilitates the endless creation of new alphabets. It's the creation of the pre- or post-word, never the word itself, the ascent toward the physical formulation of a word or the disintegration of its parts after achieving 'wordness.' It's the constant rebirthing of new alphabets and the place where alphabets remain drawn and not written."




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