Special Sections

  • Cryptotexts

    Separated by at least four, and possibly five, centuries, the Voynich manuscript -- a.k.a, the Beinecke Library's "MS 408" -- and Luigi Serafini's Codex Seraphinianus (1981) are wholly defamiliarizing and almost completely subjective, both in terms of expression and interpretation. Certain 21st century texts continue the tradition of amputating customary meaning-making appendages for constructive creative purposes. Absolutely "artistic," these texts offer virtually nothing in the way of exposition. Fully subjective argots and patios, defines these entropic textual spaces as "cryptotexts."

  • Illuminated Script

    "2011 marks my tenth anniversary of involvement with visual poetry so this special edition is a great way to celebrate. i remember my first encounter with visual poetry/sound illumination -- i was stunned, confused, fascinated, intrigued & inspired. it is my hope that current practitioners of this hybrid form of art as well as future generations may also be inspired. consider this issue an entry point into visual poetry and its allied hybrids -- minimalist poetry, calligraphy, book art, mathematical poetry; under a wider label, "sound illumination" -- from which you will hopefully never exit. may this work also serve to enrich cultures around the world & create a spirit of communication, collaboration & learning of & from one another." ~ Andrew Topel, Guest Editor

  • Lesescenarios

    The definitive collection of 20th-century "closet screenplays" and the critical constellation surrounding them.