postSCRIPT is a lightly-edited, discussion-driven space, filled with free-form commentary on topics related to's interests, and a citation-documented, effectively permanent archive of tattoos, graffiti, and other marginal(ized) textual forms. also publishes texts under the postSCRIPT imprint. If you're interested in contributing to postSCRIPT, publishing work under the imprint, or listing asemic art for sale in the SCRIPTshop, please contact the editors. is primarily interested in the history, theory, interpretation, and literary alterity of filmscripts and teleplays, and we invite +/- 5,000 word articles concerned with the same. also solicits close readings of and critical investigations into other abject textual forms including: code arrays, asemic writing, graffiti, tattoos, and any other marginal(ized) scripted expression.

A popular-academic hybrid, publishes belletristic work that blends academic rigor with the style of (new) journalism. Submissions should be jargon light, intellectually stimulating, and written for an educated lay audience. also publishes:

  • interviews with film and television writers, code poets, asemic and tattoo artists & graffiti writers;
  • excerpts from works of code literature & (un)produced/soon-to-be-produced/recently (re)discovered film and television scripts;
  • images/video of asemic art, tattoos & graffiti (master)pieces;
  • reviews of/responses to recently published scripts & (un/official) art installations.

As a web-based journal, can publish all manner of (hyper)media including: images, sounds, animations, and videos. Such things can support written articles or serve as "essays" in their own right.

If you're interested in submitting work to, please do so using the following email address: [email protected].

All articles should be sent in PDF format and follow one of the three preferred style formats: MLA, Chicago, or APA. (All articles are published according to Chicago style.) If accepted for publication, the editors will collect any supporting media files -- such as images and videos -- from the author.

When submitting electronic media files for publication consideration, please compress your videos, images, and sound files as much as possible and zip all elements together. If accepted for publication, the editors will work with contributors to strike the right balance between file size and quality. Sound files may be submitted in most any format but .mov, .mp3, and .wav are preferred. Video should be submitted in .mov, .wmv, or .flv format.

Finally, remember that you must have all necessary permissions to use photographs, drawings, sounds, and videos originally produced by someone other than yourself. The same intellectual property rules apply to web media as apply to print media.

For more on's permission and terms-of-use guidelines, click here.