on some hypothetical categories of asemic writing / marco giovenale. 2022

A few hypothetical categories in the field of asemic writing

033404 / differx. 2020


For Adam Piette


  FRANK SINATRA GOES FLAT (1953) If asked, Frank and Suzie wouldn’t singe, or aim. It didn’t matter by the sky, Frank and Suzie took the dog by the trampoline, found panties, a green skirt. They wave the flashlight at the howl, show hay. Once today Frank researched a vast ...

New Situazionisme

New Situazionisme, an artistic and poetic movement launched by Sergio Dangelo and Lome (Lorenzo Menguzzato) #painting #artist#book #performance #vispo #asemic Festival Oriente Occidente 30-08 / 11-09-2019 Chiesa di Sant’Osvaldo e Ostello, Rovereto (TN, Italy) Performance: 30-08-2019 h: 18:00 Sergio Dangelo & Lome 01-09-2019 h: 18:00 1. Eugenio Lanfranco 2. Sergio ...