The editors started to explore literature's last frontiers. Primarily interested in the theory and interpretation of filmscripts and teleplays, nevertheless recognizes that these literary artifacts exist in a hinterland populated by other abject textual forms. To challenge the alterity of such texts, we also cultivate close readings of, and critical investigations into, code arrays, asemic writing, graffiti, tattoos, and other marginal(ized) scripted expressions.

By publishing interviews with screen and television writers, and excerpts from and responses to their work, challenges the ignominy of each in the literary community and articulates the roles they play in the contemporary narrative marketplace.'s interviews with code poets, asemic and tattoo artists, and graffiti writers -- as well as the publication of their work and responses to it -- serve similar purposes.

As a popular-academic hybrid, publishes belletristic work that blends academic rigor with the style of (new) journalism. Intellectually challenging and jargon light, we cater our content toward an educated lay audience. As a web-based journal, can also publish all manner of (hyper)media including: images, sounds, animations, and videos. Such things support written articles and serve as "essays" in their own rights.

postSCRIPT is a lightly-edited, discussion-driven space, filled with free-form commentary on topics related to's interests, and a citation-documented, effectively permanent archive of tattoos, graffiti, and other marginal(ized) textual forms. Once fleeting, local, and mutable, these scripted expressions can now be captured, circulated, and archived and, perhaps more importantly, (close) read in detail, at leisure, and more like traditional texts. also publishes texts under the postSCRIPT imprint.

Those interested in contributing to, postSCRIPT, and/or publishing work under the imprint can read about doing so here.