From Pack My Box with Five Dozen Liquor Jugs, a pangrammic novel by Tom Jenks & Catherine Vidler

H. ‘How did it even hear me?’ mouthed a petrified Wexford to Zlatan, whose knees were quite justifiably knocking together like coconut shells. ‘This must be the famous cassowary,’ squeaked Zlatan, spooked, ‘the extrasensory jungle bird I saw on the Discovery Channel.’ ‘Well, obviously, Zlatan,’ ‘squeaked’ the sequinned creature, jadedly, ...


About Asemic Writing

About Asemic Writing* By Francesco Aprile and Cristiano Caggiula [English translation by Valentina Rettaroli] *, 2015-09-20 1. Since the beginning of the 20th century, all over the world, several authors not associated by common paradigms, started to explore new forms of language which are nowadays referred to as “asemic writing”.  As ...

Rome, Jan 18th, 2018: solo exhibition of Maria Lai

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lake labyl, a two-part work published by SOd press

A pdf chapbook of 71 images A sound-gif, 'the swimmers', comprising the series’ final 17 images, in which the movements of two swimmers, and the environments in which the swimmers move, are informed and accompanied (both retrospectively and prospectively) by Rachmaninov’s symphonic poem Die Toteninsel.