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Timothy Ely



Timothy Ely's manuscript texts include visual narratives composed of maps, arcana, and "cribriform" writing -- from the Latin for "perforated" -- and focus on topics such as the natural sciences, mathematics, architecture, and sacred geometry. Ely's works often includes soil, sand, and other detritus from pertinent sites around the globe as well as metals, pigments, textiles, inks, resins, and wax. Influenced by comic books, Steampunk, history, religion, and sociological and psychological phenomena, Ely also works as a printmaker and develops 21st century bookbinding tools and equipment such as the Planetary Collage Dreadnaught and Scout sewing frames. A resident of Colfax, Washington, Ely has exhibited in the US and UK and his work resides in worldwide private collections as well as at the Getty Center, the Boston Athenaeum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. His exhibition Line of Sight runs 12/4/10 - 4/16/11 at the Northwest Museum of Art and Culture.

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