Four questions about asemic writing, #09: Floriana Rigo

  1. Do you think the practice of asemic writing is something different from visual poetry? Or a part of it?

Painting and Writing are twins since the beginning of human expression when oral memory was translated into signs.
Asemic Writing is Visual Poetry and Visual Art at the same time, in the same space.
Anyway works of asemic writing have to be (also) writing.
Not only abstract art, an art making fun and science with figuration, but different ways to play with pictograms, letters, words, pictures…..drops and lines… summoning all the possible signs of human being, in the past, as memory, and in the present, as new graphic, free in imagination.
To “create” newold wor(l)ds, newold signs, newold sounds, newold gestures, newold practices.
Now we can.


  1. Asemic texts appeared often here and there over the course of the 20th century. Then, at the very beginning of the 21st, it seemed that a consistent part of artists/writers, all over the world, started focusing on it. It isn't the occasional appearance of asemics in a wider context of art, but it seems now a specific practice or current. Do you agree?

Yes, I agree. now Asemic texts are a specific practice and current.
A New Global Writing is born.
New connections through the network, through new media offering new global relations.


  1. Some authors think it can be said that something like an actual asemic “movement” is rapidly (or slowly?) growing. Do you think so? Or do you think there’s simply a wide constellation of different individuals, far from being defined a movement?

In AR-New Post Literate for sure we are an interesting virtual fluxus with lovely contaminations and fuoriluogo.
A movement implies choices, selections to find a common poetics.


  1. Anthologies, exhibits and web pages collect very different kinds of asemic works. Some of them resemble scribbles and calligraphy, so they fit the definition of “writing”. Others do not, since they include recognizable letters and symbols, or abstract art. Do you think asemics can include these areas or not?

Yes, I think asemics can include these areas and others we can’t imagine yet.


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