Michael Jacobson is interviewed at 24 Hours Online The interview was conducted by Josh Medsker and the topic is asemic writing.

New Lesescenario: Aziz Ansari’s #GhostPlane

Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) recently used Twitter to post a new Lesescenario hashtag-titled #GhostPlane.

TypEmotion Exhibition (“Script Films” / “Schriftfilme”)

The exhibition "TYPEMOTION" leads to places in which we encounter moving script: artistic productions, but also feature films, advertising, music videos or media facades in cities. The project "TYPEMOTION" represents an attempt to compile, typologize and publically present classical popular as well as lesser noticed and frequently difficult to access ...

Asemic Germ Flick from MK JCBSN

Confession of Error by Volodymyr Bilyk

Confession of error I like to do submissions. The very nature that word got something sticky and addictive. One-armed bandit play is fairly accurate description of the process. I understand that artistic submissions to various magazines and publishing houses got a great deal of self-taming. Lots of criterias to fit ...