Chaingrass collaborations with flora

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Chaingrass collaborations with @AndromedaBot

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chaingrass night and unresolved chaingrass tiling

111 new chaingrass images by Catherine Vidler, published in June 2017 by Stale Objects dePress ( and downloadable as a PDF document here:

Post-Asemic Press

Post-Asemic Press is a new project by Michael Jacobson that will begin to publish book length works of asemic writing in April 2017. The micro-press will first publish books in black and white and will publish full color works at sometime in the future. All of the books will be ...

Iarlaith, Marco and the Birraglifici by Eckhard Gerdes

Iarlaith was getting annoyed.  His job at the foundry, where he was tasked with separating the individual letters and symbols of lesser fonts, which had been cast in lead, into their separate cases, wasn’t going smoothly.  He kept finding broken pieces among the whole ones.  Whoever was doing the casting ...