chaingrass patterns by Catherine Vidler


Ghosts Of Somethings by Phil Openshaw

Apprenticeship, Knowing Yourself, Evil Words, & The Time by Will Ashford

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Four questions about asemic writing, #12: Michael Jacobson

Do you think the practice of asemic writing is something different from visual poetry? Or a part of it? I think asemic writing IS visual poetry, AND abstract art (Ulfert Wilke, Cy Twombly), calligraphy (Morita Shiryu, Tim Gaze, Brion Gysin), news journaling (Mirtha Dermisache), visual fiction (myself), cryptography (Timothy Ely), ...

asemic speech, asemic writing

Two examples of some kind of "asemic" speech, plus one example of asemic writing. In toons. Let's listen to the dialogues in "Mio Mao" (1971) or the monologues and the blah blah of "La Linea" (1971): they are made of absolutely invented and meaningless words. An Italian listener cannot understand anything ...