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My first paintings from the early nineteen seventies, inspired by music, were images visualized in the music. It was soon after that my synesthesia moved toward a more empirical path by creating a visual language for aural experiences. My interest in correlating experience through language spawned my desire to study mathematics and physics. I am currently pursuing my interest in using mathematics as a language for art.

I serve the concept of polyaesthetic and mathematical poetry by viewing mathematical equations and the variables within the equations as capable of providing the structure for poetic metaphors. If one has a flexible view concerning what possibilities variables may take, then virtually anything can substitute the variable. This freedom transforms equations for uses other than scientific. Furthermore it pushes the boundary for the use of mathematical equations from the traditional role of denotation into a new role of connotation.

Writing words or phrases in place of the variable, thus mixing poetry in the structure of mathematic equations, enables me to blend the aesthetics of poetics, science and mathematics. I define verbogeometry by placing words or concepts in place of analytic geometric variables. By employing words inside geometric equations one is able to experience a visually aesthetic formation of concepts in space. These constructions bring a linguistic richness to subjects that normally would not use mathematics as a language such popular culture, poetics and spirituality.

I infuse ideas into equations from physics in ways that transform an equation into a poetic metaphor, creating a direct relationship between the physical and the conceptual. I also infuse visual imagery in my work to add another aesthetic element for expressing visual language. Thus, I view the polyaesthetic nature of my work being a confluence of the aesthetics of visual art, poetics and mathematics. My work brings spiritual and cultural concerns together expressing my personal mythology as a result of my struggle to comprehend nature's system which directs and guides my life.

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