• Bop in the Diner

    Went to lunch then all ‘cause that though the big Otto was readily placed and properly as well, the “Horse” was late. So, she leaned ...

  • Out Of Back Into

    —and so, we do recommend that every o, said the bigrig dash radio. Driver “Horse”’s hitchhacker Flaxman hugged the cab door beginning to nod thinking— ...

  • The Liberated Voice – Sound Poetry

    The Liberated Voice - Sound Poetry 22 March - 12 May 2019 Room 37, vestibule and 3 cupolas Opening night on 21 March on World ...

  • Derivative Symmetries

    Derivative symmetries, each created using a fragment of the original symmetrical image (Image credit: NASA) entitled: 'a 3-millimeter diameter droplet of heptane fuel burns in ...

  • Intentionally distracted poems

  • SCRIPTshop is coming soon.

    The SCRIPTshop will sell swag as well as asemic art and texts published under the postSCRIPT imprint. If you're interested publishing work under the imprint or listing asemic art for sale, please contact the editors.