Issue 1.2

  • Introduction: Issue 1.2

    "The internet offers agent- and publisher-less writers, as well as those who choose to work on the literary fringe, unprecedented opportunities to produce work and share it with an audience. As a result, literary consumers will find themselves increasingly flooded with extra-corporate literary choices. [Some] may may suggest it overwhelms readers with choices, but one can't help but wonder if we prefer bean counters and northeastern editors making our literary choices for us."

  • The Strangeness of Realism vs. the Realism of the Strange: Themes in Synecdoche, New York

    "Charlie Kaufman's film(script) can be understood as a commentary on a line from E. M. Cioran: 'He who does not believe in the impossibility of truth, or does not rejoice in it, has only one road to salvation, which he will, however, never find.'"

  • Steve Aylett Interview
    by and

    SciFi Satirist & Slipstream/Bizarro Writer

  • Hiroo Yamagata Interview
    by and

    (Lesescenario) Translator, Negrophobia and The Last Words of Dutch Schultz.

  • from Drinking Chocolate

    Set on the cold, gray streets of London, Drinking Chocolate follows the lives of two homeless, lost souls named Lola and Johnny.

  • Language Is Hell
    by and

    "To me, asemic writing facilitates the endless creation of new alphabets. It's the creation of the pre- or post-word, never the word itself, the ascent toward the physical formulation of a word or the disintegration of its parts after achieving 'wordness.' It's the constant rebirthing of new alphabets and the place where alphabets remain drawn and not written."

  • Code Poetry
    by and

    " ... a writer is an artist whose medium is language."

  • Meddin Studios Mural
    by , and

    March 2010 graffiti mural at abattoir-turned-atelier Meddin Studios in Savannah, Georgia, USA.